1.1.      Relevant Authority may specify accredited warehouse(s) or delivery centers as the case may be, through which delivery of a specific commodity shall be effected for settlement of trades on PetEx and which shall facilitate the acceptance, storage and delivery of commodities in the manner as prescribed by Relevant Authority from time to time. 

1.2.      Process and Procedures for Accredited Warehouse /Delivery Centre 

Relevant Authority may specify from time to time the criteria, process flow, processes, procedures, and operations that every Warehouse, Clients, Assayers and other participants shall be required to follow for the participation, functioning and operations of the accredited warehouse. The General Terms and Conditions relating to the accredited warehouse or delivery centre shall be deemed to form a part of any settlement process so provided. 

1.3.      Alternate Delivery Mechanism: 

All deliveries in respect of trades/deals on PetEx shall be through a mechanism specified in the Special Terms and Conditions and/or put in place by Relevant Authority in that regard and shall be effected through delivery centers notified for the purpose. The Relevant Authority may prescribe different mode and manner of deliveries and settlement for different commodities or class of commodities and/or different regions/areas and also establish specific mechanism for deposit and withdrawal of commodities to and from such delivery centers for such deals.